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Customised Lanyard With Pull Reel


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Constantly need to remove your lanyard to tap your corporate access card? Well fret not. Our Customised Lanyard With Pull Reel will allow you to stretch out your lanyard without actually remove it from your neck.

Lanyard TypesPrinting MethodsCard Holders
Lanyard Types
Basic Lanyard

Buckle Lanyard

Printing Methods
Silk-screen Printing
Vibrant Durable Printing

Lanyard Silk-screen Printing is one of the most common lanyard printing methods for its durability and vibrancy of the printed colours.

Vibrant lanyard prints
Long-lasting prints
Digital Transfer
Full Colour Printing With Gradients

Lanyard Digital Transfer Printing is known for its multi-colour complexity prints which allows for gradients and fadings to be printed.

Full-colour lanyard prints
Gradients of print colours
Card Holders
Small Card Holder
lanyard small cardholder
Measurements – Landscape
Exterior: 10 cm x 7.3 cm
Card Size: 9.4 cm x 5.4 cm
Measurements – Portrait
Exterior: 6.6 cm x 11 cm
Card Size: 6 cm x 8.5 cm
Medium Card Holder
lanyard medium cardholder
Measurements – Landscape
Exterior: 11.5 cm x 10 cm
Card Size: 10.8 cm x 7.5 cm
Measurements – Portrait
Exterior: 8.2 cm x 13 cm
Card Size: 7.5 cm x 10.5 cm
Large Card Holder
lanyard large cardholder
Measurements – Portrait (Ziplock)
Exterior: 9.6cm X 15cm
Card Size: 8.8cm X 12.5cm
Extra Large Card Holder
lanyard xlarge cardholder
Measurements- Portrait (Ziplock)
Exterior: 11cm X 16.2cm
Card Size: 10cm X 13.5cm
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