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At printLanyard Singapore, we know the hassle of customising your own lanyard. You need to choose between hundreds of different lanyard components and lanyard accessories to create your own lanyard. So let us do it for you! Being the largest lanyard supplier in Singapore, we know what you need best for your lanyard. We choose the most suitable lanyard components for you at the price you need with our Lanyard Packages. Choose either the Basic or Premium lanyard packages, or if you like, customise your own lanyard!
*Lanyard pricing varies according to your order specifications and your order quantity. Pricing may be even lower than the specified package price if you were to print above the stated quantity. For more information, please contact printLanyard Singapore.

Basic Lanyard Package

fr $ 1.50 /lanyard
Pricing for lanyard orders 100 pieces*.
  • Basic Lanyard Package
  • Lanyard Strap: 1cm/1.5cm/2cm
  • Lanyard Material: Flat/Smooth/Tubular
  • Lanyard Hook:¬†Oval/Lobster Hook
  • Lanyard Accessories: Nil
  • Lanyard Joining: Stitched
  • Lanyard Printing:
    Silk-screen Printing
    No Printing
  • Quantity: 100 lanyards
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Customise your own lanyard

fr $ 1.88 /lanyard
Create your own customized lanyards.

Bulk / Mass Quantity Quote

fr $ 0.69 /lanyard
For Quantity above 1,000 pieces
  • Bulk Lanyard Package
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  • If you require lanyard quantity above 1,000 ~ 1,000,000 pieces or more, printLanyard will be able to quote you the best prices for your specific requirements.
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