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At printLanyard Singapore, we know that colours matter. It plays a key role in corporate branding and it is vital for the lanyard strap to carry the same corporate colours. However, it is very difficult in the lanyard manufacturing line to produce specific lanyard strap colours for every single customisation order as it comes with a substantially high set up cost. This is similar throughout the whole lanyard printing industry. Thus, in order to provide our customers with the widest range of colours possible, we stock up on as many different colours of lanyard straps as our inventories can hold. At printLanyard Singapore, we are sure that our customers will be able to pick a lanyard strap colour almost exact to their specific corporate colour.

Lanyard Colour Selection
TIP: If the colour you are looking for is not available in our standard colours above, you can customise the specific colour you require, with “Heat Transfer Printing”.
Customised Lanyards Guide
Choose Lanyard Strap
Choose lanyard straps of differing widths for your customised lanyard. We have lanyards varying from widths of 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm and 2.5 cm.
Choose Lanyard Strap
Choose Lanyard Material
Choose between 2 different types of lanyard material to your own liking. Each of these materials gives a different look and feel to your customised lanyard.
Choose Lanyard Material
Choose Lanyard Strap Colour
Choose between a wide variety of colours for your lanyards which you can choose from, or customised to a specific corporate colour if you require it.
Choose Lanyard Strap Colour
Choose Lanyard Hook
Choose from many different types of lanyard hooks to complement your lanyard. These lanyard hooks have varying uses so be mindful of your choices as it will affect the usage of your customised lanyard.
Choose Lanyard Hook
Choose Lanyard Accessories (Optional)
Does your Lanyard need additional accessories? Not to worry, printLanyard has a variety of lanyard accessories for you to add on. Lanyard accessories such as plastic breakaway & plastic buckle are some of the top choices of our customers.
Choose Lanyard Accessories
Choose Lanyard Cardholders (Optional)
Need a Cardholder to go with your lanyard? No worries, choose from our range of cardholders we provide from our basic PVC cardholders to our premium leather cardholders.
Choose Lanyard Cardholders
Choose Lanyard Joining
Choose to have your lanyard stitched, rivetted or crimped to suit your customised lanyard look and feel. Each of these lanyard joining methods have their advantages, so feel free to mix and match!
Choose Lanyard Joining
Choose Lanyard Printing Method
Choose to use either long-lasting Silk-screen Printing, colourful Heat Transfer Printing, or professional Offset Printing for your customised lanyard!
Choose Lanyard Printing Method
Remember to note your lanyard choices down! At printLanyard Singapore, there are hundreds of ways to customise your very own lanyard. So it will be better if you know what you need for each and every component of the lanyard.

Contact us with your lanyard components’ choices and we will provide you with an obligation-free quotation.

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